These guidelines apply for all teams competing at the Card Sports League and all thereby occurring matches. The Card Sports League reserves its right to change, amend or adjust regulations at any given time. In addition to these regulations the official Yu-Gi-Oh! duel rulebook and Konami Tournament Guidelines apply.

§1. Condition of Participation

Each team, that plans to participate at Card Sports League competitions, needs to fulfill the following criteria:

If the listed criteria are met, each team can apply to with the following information:

  1. Team name and country of origin or head quarters
  2. Team logo in .png format
  3. Eligible Player Roster including full names, nationalities and respective Cossy IDs
  4. Pictures of each player
  5. Links to the team's online presence / social media accounts
  6. Main and stand-by contact person's name, e-mail address and phone number

The Card Sports League will use the data in accordance with its data privacy statement. Application deadline for summer season is the 13.01.2019. Applications after that date may become eligible for the winter season. Applications for the winter season close 13.07.2019.

§2. Ultimate Guard League

The Ultimate Guard League is a ranking list competition composed of all competing teams, who collect so-called ranking points according to their player’s individual performance at Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments (see list below). The ranking points each teams earns may vary depending on the individual performance of the team‘s eligible players. The points per team will be attributed following a best-limit-finish procedure. The best-limit-finish for the Ultimate Guard league is three. This means that only the points of the three best performing players of each team will be aggregated for the team’s final score. At the end of each season, the team with the highest score wins the Ultimate Guard league. Each year is split into two seasons; a summer (13.01.-13.07.) and a winter season (01.08.-31.12.). After each season the scores of all teams will be set back to 0.

Each player may earn the following points for his / her team depending on his / her top cut performance (only top cut – not standings after swiss) at the following events. Players competing in Dragon Duel competitions will be receiving 50% of the respective adult competition points.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th T8 T16 T32 T64
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 39 36 33 30 27
Yu-Gi-Oh! WCQ: European Championship 65 60 55 50 45 40 35 30
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series 52 48 44 40 36 32 28 24
Yu-Gi-Oh! Cardmarket Series 24 22 20 18 16 14
Yu-Gi-Oh! WCQ: National Championship Tier 1 39 36 33 30 27 24 21 18
Yu-Gi-Oh! WCQ: National Championship <Tier 1 24 22 20 18 16 14
Yu-Gi-Oh! [Country] Open 24 22 20 18 16
Yu-Gi-Oh! LLDS Final 24 22 20 18 16

§3. Ultimate Guard Cup

Each team, that applies to compete at the Ultimate Guard league, commits themselves to participate at the Ultimate Guard cup. The Ultimate Guard cup is a K.O. tournament, consisting of all competing teams. The team, whose players win two out of three matches, wins the match and advances to the next round. At the beginning of each season, the Card Sports League releases a match plan, determining the time and date of each match in the tournament bracket. Matches will be played each week on Thursday; 21:15 CET.

Each team needs to ensure the participation of three players for any given date of their matches. The three players need to be assigned to player A, B and C positions. The teams may exchange within their eligible player roster as well as decks and positions throughout the cup. The team’s main contact person is obliged to send the player roster, positions and decklists to latest 4 working days before each respective match. If a team fails to communicate their roster, position or decklists before this deadline, the team will automatically lose their match.

After both teams handed in their respective match preparation data, the Card Sports League will announce the player rosters and positions one working day prior to the match on its social media channels. Participating teams are obliged to share the respective postings pre- and post their respective matches on their social media channels. Failing to do so can result in exclusion from Card Sports League competitions.

The teams will compete in the following order against each other:

Player A vs. Player A
Player B vs. Player B
Player C vs. Player C

In addition to the official Yu-Gi-Oh! Rulebook, Konami Tournament Guidelines and Konami 3v3 team match guidelines, the following rules apply.

Effective for all matches is the official European list of forbidden & limited cards. This excludes cards, that are not legal in Europe, according to KONAMI. The official European Rules apply for all matches within the Ultimate Guard cup. In case of an update to the official European list of forbidden & limited cards within week prior to a match, the match will be postponed for one week. Effective for all matches is the official European release date of each new Yu-Gi-Oh! product. For Yu-Gi-Oh! core sets the release date is equal to the earliest sneak preview event date being hosted in any European city.

The matches will be played via Each respective match will be played without a time limit. Each player needs to follow the instruction of the judges in attendance. If a player loses connection, that player loses the current duel and the match proceeds with the next duel after reconnection is enabled. A disconnect during side-boarding procedures does not cause any player to lose a duel.

Each player needs to be connected to Discord during the respective matches at least 15 minutes before the official match is supposed to start. The Card Sports League will set up meeting rooms and respective passwords for every match and will assign players accordingly.

The matches will be streamed by the Card Sports League via The Card Sports League reserves its right to prohibit teams or other 3rd parties from streaming matches of the Ultimate Guard cup. In case viewers appear on duelingbook during a match a match loss will be awarded to both involved parties. If DN viewers can be identified as members of a team associated with the Card Sports League, the Card Sports League reserves its right to exclude the associated team from its competitions.

All teams and players involved in match fixing will be permanently banned from Card Sports League competitions and obliged to return any prizes related to the respective incidence. Match fixing includes agreements on specific match results and available card pools.

§4. Player Additions & Transfers

During a season a player may not join or switch teams, who are participating at Card Sport League competitions. Teams who seek to transfer, switch or add new players, or players who seek to join or switch teams can do so during the transfer periods; 01.07.2019-13.07.2019 (summer season) and 31.12.2019-13.01.2020 (winter season).

If a player leaves a team during a running season, that team may still attribute the player's performance points for the full remaining season. If the disbandment of a player causes a team to drop below the minimum threshold of three players per team, that team can still compete at the Ultimate Guard league, but it will be excluded from the Ultimate Guard cup.

If a team adds a new player during a season, that player is non-eligible to earn points for two full seasons, if the player was part of another team competing at the Ultimate Guard League during the running season. If teams add free agents (players without a team), players from teams not competing at the Ultimate Guard League, or players that have been actively removed from their team, which competes at the Ultimate Guard League, that players is non-eligible to earn points for the running season only. If a team actively removes a player from their roster during a running season, that team loses all points the player accumulates during the whole respective season.

Any changes to the player roster need to be communicated within 5 working days to the Card Sports League via e-mail to Failing to communicate changes to the roster in time, may lead to non-eligibility to earn points for two full seasons for the involved players.

§5. Suspended Players

All players suspended from KONAMI are automatically excluded to participate at Card Sports League competitions for the period of suspension. If a player gets suspended during a running season, the team may only replace the player during the transfer period. In addition, the team may not attribute the suspended player's previously earned points to their team's score. If a player's suspension causes a team to drop below the minimum threshold of three players per team, the team will be excluded from any competition for the remaining season. The team can then re-apply for the following season. The Card Sports League reserves its right to exclude players and thereby occurring matches.

§6. Prize Pool

The winning team of the Ultimate Guard Cup and Ultimate Guard League receive a 250€ cardmarket voucher and a full equipment of Ultimate Guard products in their team color.

§7. Miscellaneous

A team may change its name and / or ownership during season after consulting with the CSL support team.

Declaration of Consent

If a team and its players want to participate at Card Sports League competitions it needs to fulfill the criteria listed in §1 and following the rules lined out in §2, §3, §4 and §5. The Card Sports League reserves it right to exclude teams, not following these rules, from its competition or further participation at other events.